Join Now Global Prayer Online Chain and pray with Nick for...

Join Now Global Prayer Online Chain and pray with Nick for : - all countries to stop weapons production and distribution and begin to invest in peace and in the well-being of humanity by 2020 (on the news : 36 killed in explosion near Syrian-Turkish border... Women and children were among the dead, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported. )  

- by 2020 humankind to finish all useless sanctions and wars globally forever   
- South and North Korea peaceful reUnification by 2020   
-Ultimate World Peace by 2020    
- World summit in South Africa,  True Mother speaking tour in Africa November 2018   
-all religions by 2020 to start to work together in unity to illuminate humankind about God and His tireless work behind the history   
  --All families globally to receive God's Marriage Blessing by 2020   
- Our Heavenly Parent and ancestors in spiritual world   
– Oceans and all Environmental healing globally by 2020 
- Peace Road to be built by 2020 Globally 
-World economy that benefits all nations to be set up globally by 2020  
-science and religion unity by 2020   
- Reform globally education systems for goodness only by 2020 
– Reform health care for good globally by 2020 as is written in visionary book The world of 2020 By Nicolae Cirpala 
- IVAcademy to became a leading online education platform by 30 August 2018 
- Personal prayer requests:   
Aju - Amen   
Dear brothers and sisters globally Please receive God's Marriage Blessing, if you miss it JUST CONTACT me to arrange it!!!
- I invite you, your family and friends to join our daily Global Prayer Chain Online, visionary, meditation and devotions meetings where any human being could join our group and pray at 21:00 (your local time) at IVAcademy 24/7 prayer church (otherwise feel free to join our every hour vigil any time during the day) 
-Together we could change the world and build Heavenly Kingdom CIG in every part of the world much faster even by 2020 by praying, witnessing about God our Heavenly parent and messiah thus share His marriage Blessing to all humankind.  
-Please post you prayer requests daily to be included in prayer list by 21.00 on Prayer Wall: or message us any time!
Many prayer wishes already where miraculously fulfilled and thousands of couples Get Marriage Blessing! Share it in all social networks with hashTag #bless430
wilna.claasen The purpose of life we know about the fall of man.
Because of the fall we mankind lost the word we need to restore the word and rebuild our lives by fulfilling our responsibility and become true human beings like before the fall to the top of the growth stage.
4 months ago
wilna.claasen I will.join ok . 4 months ago
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