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JOIN Now - Writer Nicolae Cirpala is asking every person on earth to take 1 minute every Saturday till 2020 at 21.00 your time zone
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A selfless and public minded person will prosper because he is the image of God. A selfish, self-centered person will decline because he is the... Показать больше

wilna.claasen I thought this chat space was an offline chat.
I have various numbers I cannot just give a number.
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Hello! How are you? Today's Message to Billions - please Join now and Happy #PrayWithNick for: -Ultimate World Peace by 2020
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The life of God is such that He embraces the world in His heart.


When you witness to someone about God, a three-level relationship of God, yourself and that person is realized. Thus you are energized.


Good morning Messiah Inspirational quotes for a happy day
Do not conceal yourself behind a mask of falsehood. This would only...
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